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Gold Roses Lyrics

Gold Roses Lyrics

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Song: Gold Roses
Artist:Rick Ross

I'm home now, it's over now, So...


She got a Thing for Chanel vintage that Dropped before she could speak

Do you Love me or love seekin Attention,i mean which one is it?
You keep callin me ya Twin, but Twins Ain't this Different
Mentally i'm already on Next year, that's some 20-20 clear Vision
You sayin let you Finish, i Ain't tryna hear it
I'm All for spiritual Liftin, but i don't fly spirit
I'm all for Findin happiness, but Down to die serious
All smiles,Kevin durant trials
Had to blow it on the Court, i must have blew a milli'
I'm walkin on all Charges, that's my new achilles
I know they Love to rock a check, but Who gon do it Really?Really?
My depositions Never surface
Tanenbaum know the Logo on the jersey, it's Gettin' purchased
Ten years in and y all yet to Hear my most impressive Verses
Paid the cost to be the Boss wasn't even my most Expensive purchase

Trust when i say i'm never on the Shit they assumin i'm on
Tales about me are Like corridos in culiacan
Sashimi from saito, you know that man two michelin Star
Postcard from grace bay, sendin my distant Regards
Vision wasn't mine, Told my niggas the Vision was ours
Still a part of Shorty even if we've Been livin Apart
Roxx'll do you Filthy for me Soon as i give him the nod
Meanin he'll blast for me Like puttin the 6 with the GOD
Hop on a Float to show the City the one they Appointed
The one that's Rebuildin Schools and Feedin the homeless
Hang with my Niggas, but Sometimes i be tryna avoid it
Cause they'll get to poppin out of Place like they Double jointed
Goals was the Top of the pyramid in this Shitty world
I gotta get the most of Everything is the axis on Which it sit and twirls
Point blank period, like a City Girl and then i bring it back to FIFTY world.

Ay, Woah
You made me this Way,Yeah
Before i'm gone outta this Place,Yeah
Put some Flowers in my Vase, won't You?
Let me Know that i did okay,Yeah
Don't Wait til some other Day, No,No
They Love to wait til it's Too late, it's Too Late
This Different right here, yo.

I was Nominated, never won a Grammy
But i understand, they'll never Understand me
Lot of lives Lost, but i never Panicked
Lot of lines Crossed, i never did a xanny
A hundred Room mansion but i felt abandoned
Love makin Love, but where will Love land me?
Jealous, so their Bitches be actin Like they sleepin on Us
But they speakin on Us, jewelers Quote us even numbers
Still Blowin smoke as Angels float above Us
Love givin Back, but will they ever Love Us?
Chanel in the Mail, Fedex from pharrell
And what i got for sale Just sit on the scale
Triple beam Dream, a buck on the Shades
I really Seen things give Mothers the shakes
I really bought Cars for women On face
I know it Seem odd, but Money amazin
College loans Really did fu*k up her Credit

Discover cards,Look back, i know she Regret it
But we Keep pushin, keep our Foot on the pedal
In the Mirror she a Blessin, rebukin the devil
Livin on the Edge, she keepin me Level
Money Come and go, i'ma keep you Forever
Money Come and go, i'ma keep you forever
Slip-on glass Slippers and tickle with Feathers
Everywhere we go, we create a dilemma
Coming to America, Really the set
I'll let your soul Glow, i'm keepin you wet
All my cold decembers, i know she Remembers
Forgiveness for a Sinner, but is it that Simple?
Holdin on your Hands, your Body's a temple
Fly you out to Cannes, menages with bitches
Lobsters and the Prawns, thought you was spanish
Bottles For the Don, our parties the Biggest(Maybach Music).

Ay, woah
You Made me this way,Yeah
Before i'm gone outta this place, yeah
Put Some flowers in my Vase, won't you?
Let me know that i did okay,Yeah
Don't Wait til some other Day,No,No
They Love to wait til it's Too late, Too late.

Had a Dream she was singin to me Like gladys Knight
True Love in the projects is Called paradise
All your niggas Left, you wasn't Actin right
But Honesty itself a Small sacrifice
My money Bag heavy, got me Packin light
You movin Funny, can you Fill my appetite?
Niggas Conversations, a lot of it False
He own Condos right over carnegie Hall
Speak about Your cars, but all of em Parked
Your Niggas money light, Come out of the dark
You really are my Type, that's not a Facade
One of the Reasons why i write, we got a synopsis
I'm Always at the top of Barbershop gossip
After Further thought, better not Knock em
Allocate some Dollars to go out shoppin
Bitch, we on the Real, it's time to Stop talkin

You Made me this way,Yeah
Before i'm gone outta this Place,Yeah
Put Some flowers in my vase, Won't you?
Let me know that i did okay,Yeah
Don't wait til Some other Day,No,No
They love to Wait til it's Too late, Too late (Ay)

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Gold Roses Lyrics
Rick ross- Gold Roses Lyrics
Gold Roses Lyrics Rick Ross
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