Grandmotha Grave Lyrics

Out the mud, makin runs in a little hotel
My dawg, one of my Favrite ones, you know don’t wish me well
Let someone else flip the coin, heads or tails
Would have turned him onto my yay, but he gon’ kis and tell
Went disappeared, main man can’t handle the excitement
Fall in, we can play around, but I can’t stay till the light hit
Three strikes, then you swing out, go ‘head say goodbye, love
It’s like love, it’s like love, and I love it.

I had been dealin’ with entities, move a lil’ differently, really be pilin’ it up
Intimate dealin’ continually, given’ me energy, she finna power me up
I took a lil’ trip with a free heart, and open mind changed overnight
Relationships on the wrong side, Left old friends on the road side
Giddy up, say, whoa now, breadwinner can,tt slow down
Swear I feel it in my soul right now, spinnin’ outta control right now
Prayers for innocent women and men, the way they corrupted the case
I’m makin’ plans for business, i get it again, distributed it back in the safe
The warrant had hit, big brother had one on the run, and the doc reconstructed his face
Know that I am plugged with a couple of federal judges, and they won’t deny me, I’m Gates
I had to plow through the roughage, I cried and I suffered, then I elevated and reigned
I know my Grandmotha love me, I came out the gutter, I put a lil’ smile on her face
I had got tired of her sufferin’, finally Recoverin’, kinda wish she would have stayed
I can’t retire from hustlin’, A lot of new customers, I’m in here Grindin’ with weight
Seem like the work used to love me, now all of a sudden, they all got a problem with Gates
I really feel like you bluffin’, that shit don’t mean nothin’, I know that a lot of them fake
I could put that in oven, the touch of a Buton and all of the product on bake
I must be guided by somethin’, I’m kind of reluctant, and I don’t got nothin’ to say
How ’bout we get Off the subject, I’m already coveted, I got a cut on the play
How ’bout I do my lil’ dougie, the youngins they love me, the way I be pumpin’ the bass
She know how I do my lit oven, and she went to crushin’, the way I be cuffin’ her waist
We used to cuddle, when I used to cuddle, she comfortable, she only come for the cake
She go to Gruntin’ when under the covers, I’m thrustin’ that lumber inside of her place
I used to like when your body on top of me, though we’ll never be nothin’ again
It’s not a day that go by, when you look deep inside that, you know that you made a mistake
I know we’d never be nothin’ again, that’s on my Grandmotha grave

That’s on my Grandmotha grave (My grandmotha grave, real talk)
That’s on my grandmotha grave (Abuelita) (x3)
Grandmotha grave.

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