Lyrics Bop It Up


Lyrics Bop It Up The Marias

Tell me we are not all the same
I have been second guessing my body
Tell me I am no one to blame
Never will I tell you I’m sorry

Pick me up
Put me down
Kiss my neck
Let me drown

Bop it up (Repeat 4 Times)

When my body aches, when it’s time to go
When it gotta be a picture on a picture show
In my head there’s someone like you
Seven summers in a tight pool

Bop it up (Repeat 8 Times)

I made a mess (I made a mess)
Inside my head (inside my head)
I made a storm (I made a storm)
I’m taking notes (I am taking notes)

I am kinda late (I’m kinda late)
This faded pen (this faded pen)
Can’t read my mind (can not read my mind)
Can’t take my breath (can’t take my breath)

Bcause I am a mess (’cause I’m a mess)
Not you or she (not you or she)
Pick up a pen (pick up a pen)
Then fall asleep (then fall asleep)
But I don’t hear nothing (but I don’t hear nothing)
You are such a drag (you are such a drag)
I fix a hole (I fix a hole)
And break my back (and break my back)

Bop it up (Repeat 8 Times).



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