Lyrics Walk in My Shoes


Lyrics Walk in My Shoes Faithless

(Who the f*ck you think you are?)
(Why don’t you piss off to your own f*cking country?)

I am not drunk
I’m just drinking
I am not lost
I’m just traveling
I’m not screaming
I am just talking
I’m not slow
No, I’m just thinking
I’m not religious
I just like believing
I lie to be honest
But i do a bit of thieving.

I am not a foreign
No, I am just human
Hoping for a chance
For my children
And I have dreams
Like you do
So could you just try
To walk in my shoes?

Try, try try
Try, try try
Try, try try
To walk in my shoes (Repeat 2 Times)

To walk in my shoes (Repeat 4 Times).

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